• Some of The Most Successful Amazon Products Right Now

    At Markethustl, we come across a lot of products. Some of them are brilliant, some of them odd, and some of them just variations of similar products that already is selling on Amazon. While we wish all of our clients the best in successful and fruitful ventures, certain products stand out as particularly useful and unique, items we believe will become successful Amazon products. 

    To be one of the top dogs on Amazon, there are multiple factors that get you the conversions you need. Yes, a lot of it is based on keywords, content, organic sales, ranking campaigns, and reviews. However, when it comes right down to it, if you don’t have a product that a person has deemed necessary in their lives, your brand won’t grow. 

    What’s great about Amazon is that people can find just about anything on it -even things they didn’t know existed. And stumbling upon a product that nobody was aware existed while also realizing its EXACTLY what they need. This can lead to a cult-like following and huge, gross sales.

    Here are 16 of the most insanely handy products currently selling on Amazon and are a testament to the value of finding the right product for the right niche.

    Drain Snakes

    Successful Amazon Products

    A fair warning: this product is just about as disgusting as the name suggests. That being said, this product is incredibly effective and something every single person with hair and a shower needs. (So, essentially, everybody.) It’s a “barbed” wand that easily goes in kitchen sinks and shower drains and picks up any hair, food, or debris stuck in the drain that products like Draino simply can’t dissolve.

    Here’s a video to show you just how well they work and you can find them on Amazon here.

    Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer

    This product is a god-send for new parents. Babies and toddlers can’t communicate what their symptoms are when they are sick. Unfortunately, your pediatrician isn’t always readily available in the middle of the night. With the Kinsa Smart Stick Thermometer, you can get a thermometer that plugs into your phone and reads the results directly on your phone. Not only does it require no batteries, but the app gives you instructions on what to do based on your child’s weight, age, temperature, and symptoms.Successful Amazon Products

    To find out more about this awesome Amazon product, click here.

    The FURemover Broom

    Ever wish you good exchange your mop, broom, vacuum, power pressure, and lint remover for one product? Well, now you can with this super handy broom that cleans up liquid, dirt, dust, and fur. It has an adjustable handle that expands for hard to reach places like windowsill ledges and you can even use it on blinds. There’s no such thing as “fun” cleaning, but at least this product makes your life substantially easier.

    To find out how this product works, check out the video here.

    To buy it because, who the heck wouldn’t want it, you can find it on Amazon here.

    Handheld Heat Bag Sealer

    Just shut up and take our money on this one. Of all the products listed in this article, this has to be one of the most convenient of them all. Well, at least if you eat a lot of packaged food, anyway.

    No more worrying about chip clips or plastic sealable bags, freezer bags, aluminum, or tupperware. These gadgets use heat to reseal bags like chips, and crackers.It’s also environment friendly, cutting back on paper and plastic waste. The awesomeness is strong with this one. Check out how to use it here.

    If you’re like me, you’ve probably already clicked on Amazon to purchase these, but if you need the link, find it here.

    Sugru Moldable Glue

    Successful Amazon Products

    If you consider yourself the MacGyver of the 21st century, then you need to add this to your box of tricks (or tools). The Sugru glue feels like putty and it can mold to just about anything. However, it’s hold is more comparable to gorilla glue, so you can actually use it to fix a lot of items around your house or office like leaks. It’s non-toxic and totally kid-friendly, which makes this product an A+ invention in our book.

    Buy it here.

    Handy Laundry Wool Dryer Balls

    These may not be as “wow”-inducing as some of the other products that made the list, but they certainly are handy and can cut back on pesky wrinkles and lint when washing and drying your clothes. Organic, toxic-free, and reusable, these little balls are far superior to dryer sheets, helping you cut back on expenses and ironing time.

    Check them out on Amazon

    The Mighty Handle

    Moms everywhere will rejoice once they discover how useful these gadgets are. This isn’t to exclude anyone else from using them, as they literally are useful for anyone that has to carry loads of items. It’s just that, if you are a mom, shuffling kids around along with personal items, shopping bags, and grocery bags, these Mighty Handles are a lifesaver! These handle loop around multiple bag handles, relieving you of access weight, awkward carrying angles, grocery bags breaking and tearing, and straps digging into the palms of your hand. They are small and lightweight so you can just throw them in your purse for those days you’re running around doing errands.

    Successful Amazon Products

    Interested? Click here.

    Moo Natural Air Freshening Bag

    This product, comprised of bamboo charcoal (yes, that’s a thing – Google it), is touted as being a miracle cure for bad odors. Put it in your car, your closet, your gym bag, or the kitchen to seep up areas that have a funk. It supposedly is far superior to products like Lysol and, instead of just covering up the smell, it actually soaks it up, ridding the area of bad scent all together.

    Have a stinky family member that could use this? Click here.

    Harperton Nail Clippers

    Apparently, there are all sorts of people walking around, frustrated at the aesthetics of their boring, old, nail clippers, because as far as we can tell, these stainless steel nail clippers are the latest rage simply based on their sleek looks. Granted, they do look top-of-the-line, but it’s just one of those products that you almost have to scratch your head, wondering how or why they skyrocket to instant success.

    Want clippers that are as nice looking as your actual nails? Order them here

    The Tubshroom

    Apparently we have a hair-clogging, bathtub crisis around the world because here is another product that fits in your drain to keep hair from clogging your it. It’s better than most bathtub plugs and strainers because it goes deep into the piping to capture all the nitty-gritty stuff you don’t want in there. Also it has a cool name, so there’s that.

    Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband

    Tired of getting screwed? Well, so were the inventors of the Magnogrip wristband. This wrist bracelet is great for home repair, carpenters, plumbers, or really anyone who uses things like screws and bolts to fix things. Tiny metal parts like screws get lost easily and are a pain in the butt to reach for when you’re in an awkward spot like under a sink or on a rooftop. The band is magnetic, so it keeps tiny screwdrivers, nails, and bolts literally at arms reach. No more worrying about losing metal pieces in a fix-it situation.

    Successful Amazon Products

    Get your bands here

    Cyber-Clean “Gak”

    Gak is a 90’s gag-gift that has made a comeback in ways no one anticipated. Now, you can use it to clean hard-to-reach places like filters, keyboards, crevices, and much more. The material literally lifts microorganisms, dirt, and germs where dusters and rags can’t get to. It even leaves behind a lemon scent. Don’t believe us? Check this out and if you want to buy it? Here ya go!

    IPELY Backseat Purse Hanger

    A resounding “hallelujah” from women (and some men) everywhere! These clip-on car accessories allow you to hang purses, grocery bags, computer bags, and briefcases on the back of your seat, allowing for more leg room , organization, and space while also preventing your possessions from getting dirty or trampled on. While hooks for tables and the bottom of bars are popular, these take purse-hanging to a whole new level.

    Succesful Amazon Products


    Want one? So do we! Click here to get your very own “bag saver.”

    Prepworks by Progressive Can Colander

    Don’t like fish juice in your tuna or syrup in your canned pears? If you’re like 99% of the population, then you probably don’t, which is why you might be able to benefit from this product – The Can Colander. It’s a plastic, miniature cover that goes over most standard-size cans and you can extract access juices without worrying about losing any of the actual food. While we never realized this was a HUGE hurdle to overcome, apparently most people do because this product is selling like crazy.

    Safe-Er-Grip Foot Rest

    Some things in life you aren’t even aware you need until you see it and then you wonder how you survived so long without it. This product by Changing LIfestyles is a great example of that and it’s properly named. Anyone that shaves their legs in the shower knows it’s a balancing act – trying to find a good place to lean your foot against, balancing on one leg while trying to shave the other. This attachable shower footrest provides a comfortable place to rest your foot, keeping you from leaning against the tub’s edge and splashing water everywhere.

    Successful Amazon Products


    We know you want it – Buy it here

    PurSteam Fabric Steamers

    Okay, yes, there are tons of steamers on the market, but this one is particularly popular because it’s small and hand-held, so you can travel with it and it rids clothing of wrinkles more efficiently than it’s top competitors. If you’re like me and absolutely hate ironing, this product is for you. Don’t believe it’s “all that”? Check out this video

    …and when you’re convinced, order it here.

    So there you have it! These are just some of the top, trending items on Amazon right now, proving that with a little creativity and understanding the demands of a large percentage of the population, you can be successful, too! 

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