• SellerPhoto Holiday Campaign: Bringing Smiles To Families In Need

    While we at Markethustl and Sellerphoto do our best to stay grounded in gratitude, appreciation, and humbleness throughout the year, there’s something about the time between Thanksgiving and New Years that inevitably causes us to feel a bit deeper, reflect a bit more, and work a bit harder to make even a small difference in the world around us. 

    The truth is, we have pretty cool jobs here. Every day, we get to help expedite and grow the business and brands of thousands of entrepreneurs, just like yourself. This brings a lot of joy to us, knowing we are helping your dreams come true.  As we close out the year, we wanted to see if we could extend our services beyond the business transactions we make every day. We had the unique opportunity to bring some much-needed smiles to some deserving families throughout South Florida this Holiday Season, so we jumped on the chance with the help of our clients. 

    As a SellerPhoto client, when you choose to “donate your product after the photo shoot,” you and your product immediately become a part of enriching the lives of people in need. 

    As this was our first year implementing this project, we decided to partner with a local program in Broward County called the PACE Center For Girls.  So we wrapped presents for days, filled the truck with YOUR amazing products and headed to PACE to see if we could spread a little cheer.

    PACE Center For Girls began in Jacksonville, Florida in 1985 and started as a school for middle and high school girls whose childhood memories were characterized by trauma, girls in the foster care system, or girls with any number of other high-risk factors. PACE is a non-profit school that gives teenagers a second chance at correcting their mistakes instead of sending them into the juvenile or prison system.

    Within the 25 years that PACE Broward has been around, they have developed and implemented a curriculum and lifestyle change that has influenced the trajectory of over 36,000 girls in a positive way.  Created by Vicki Burk, the PACE program runs on research-based recommendations that believe gender-responsive programming is at the heart and crux of the success of these programs.

    In speaking with Mary Sanchez, Development Coordinator At PACE, she is simply giddy at the turnout for their holiday open house and fights back tears of appreciation for our attempt to provide these girls with some cheer this holiday season. 

    The staff at SellerPhoto/Markethustl later presents the girls and their families with Christmas presents that were products donated by an extensive list of our loyal clients. Products included bags, makeup, kids’ toys, cookware, and clothing items (donated by our amazing customers) were gift wrapped and presented to the teenagers in the program that had demonstrated huge strides in change. To say these young women were grateful is an understatement. It was clear that, between the efforts of our staff and graciousness put forth by our SellerPhoto Clients, we were able to help give them a wonderful Christmas. 

    To see just how impactful our collective efforts were, check out the video below:


    In interviewing one of the directors,  Mary Sanchez, Development Coordinator, her emotions ebb and flow between joy, gratitude, pride, and a hint of sadness. When asked why she believes so much in this program, she says, “That’s easy. At some point, everyone needs extra support.  The girls at PACE are a part of our future and every human being deserves the chance to be grow and develop into their best self.

    Directors at Markethustl and Pace

    If we can give these girls a second chance, it’s not just an investment for their lives, it’s an investment for us, too. After all, these girls you see in the room tonight WILL BE our future. They will be the ones making decisions that influence the fabric of society.”

    Pace Students Opening Presents
    More of the girls opening presents

    It was an honor getting to be involved in the PACE program. These ladies taught us what it means to be resilient and have determination and we wish them unlimited success in their future. 

    We also wanted to extend our appreciation to those of you who were willing to donate your products to the SellerPhoto team. Your items went to a great cause and we were so excited about the outcome, we can’t wait grow this program next year.  With your continued help, we can wait to see how many smiles we can help create next year.

    To learn more about their program or to donate, check out their website, https://www.pacecenter.org/locations/broward.

    From all of us here at MarketHustl and SellerPhoto, and from all of the families at PACE we sincerely thank you for choosing to work with us and wish you the Joy & Laughter throughout this Holiday Season.


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