• Amazon’s New EBC Modular Templates For Brand Registered Sellers

    Amazon just keeps coming out with new ways to not only enhances the professionalism and readability of your page, but also gives you a leg up on your competition. With the new EBC modular templates for brand registered sellers, there are more options than to display your product. 

    With the old Enhance Brand Content, Amazon offered five different templates to choose from.  The options looked like this:

    Old Enhanced Brand Content Modular Template Options

    With the new layout options, you benefit for a few different reasons. 

    Firstly, the new EBC modular templates are far more mobile friendly.  Whereas before, only one of the modules was available on the first page of your phone, now more of them are. This is crucial because a high percentage of consumers use their phones to make purchases, so utilizing the new templates allows mobile-users more of an idea of your product. 

    Secondly, there are way more options with in terms of how you want your EBC content and photos to be laid out, giving the seller more room to be creative with their EBC layout. You can mix and match modules to personally customize your page and guarantee a smoother flow.  You can do this by selecting the “Custom Template” option on your seller account. 

    Thirdly, if you decide to stick with one of the predefined new EBC modular templates instead of the custom template, each layout offers more photos, banners, and content than the old templates. 

    Editor’s Note: It’s important to note that, while there is more freedom in how you lay out your EBC, the first two modules (regardless of the template) must start with your brand logo (module 1) and follow with product description (module 2). 

    The new layouts are as follows:

    Rose: Brand logo, product description, two header images (“banners” as they used to be called in the old EBC formatting), then product features.

    New EBC Modular Templates

    Tulip: Brand logo, product description, header image, then product features.

    New EBC ModularTemplates

    Orchid: Brand logo, product description, header image, then product features. 

    New EBC Modular Templates

    Sunflower: Brand logo, product description, 2 header images, then product features.

    New EBC Modular Templates

    Lilly: Brand logo, product description, header image, product features, then header image.

    New EBC Modular Templates

    This new platform also makes it easier to transfer photos with its “drag and drop” feature. 

    With Enhanced Brand Content you can walk the potential customer through storytelling, strong content, and gorgeous pictures. So, instead of looking like this:

    New EBC Modular Templates

    It now can look like this:

    New EBC Modular Templates

    New EBC Modular Templates

    As Amazon continues to evolve and make brick-and-mortar stores more obsolete, we are starting to see sellers slowly have more and more creative freedom in advertising and storytelling their brand. This also means that Markethustl has more leeway in helping you create keyword-rich content and  gorgeous imagery for your product. 

    To learn more about why Enhanced Brand Content is so valuable to your business, click here

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