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    Amazon is an ever-evolving entity that continually strives to provide its users superior customer service, easy accessibility, and convenient navigation. The e-commerce conglomerate is exemplary in its attention to detail, making sure that the consumer has a flawless shopping experience. 

    As such, Amazon upgrades their policies and tools fairly often which can sometimes be hard for sellers to keep up with. 

    Recently, the company introduced new EBC guidelines, layouts, and text options for those with A+ and Enhanced Brand Content. This is exciting for Vendors and Brand Registered Sellers because these changes offer cleaner, more attractive templates that provide more landscape for sales copy. In turn, this provides an enhanced viewing experience for buyers.

    If you are Brand Registered and you haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity to add beautiful imagery and persuasive copy to your listing, you ought to reconsider. With more Amazon merchants utilizing this real-estate, you want to be ahead of your competition.


    EBC is a feature on Amazon where sellers can download extra images, graphics, and content that is not offered to regular sellers. This section replaces the Product Description on a listing and is comprised of 5 modules of various image and text layouts. Here are a few examples of what a brand can create with EBC:

    new EBC guidelines


    New EBC Guidelines

    Pretty stunning, right? Especially when compared to a typical Amazon listing. And these are the old EBC templates. The new ones allow even more room for creative direction. 


    While Brand Registered Sellers have always had the option of utilizing one of five pre-built Amazon templates or customizing their own layout, a la carte style, they were somewhat limited in text layout and image size, especially when compared to Vendors.

    With the new EBC guidelines, third-party sellers can now have more of the same options that A+ sellers have enjoyed. This means more customizable modules to work with and more creative leeway to portray their brand how they see fit. 

    But there is another HUGE update that is particularly intriguing to sellers. Each image now offers a text box where you can enter “image keywords” into the space. This is important for two reasons:

    First, it allows people that can’t upload images to at least have a description of what the image displays. For example, a viewer can hover over the image with their mouse and the text box will describe what the picture is conveying. 

    Second – and this is really enticing for merchants – these keywords index for SEO and PPC. Whereas before, it was unverifiable whether EBC content ranked, now we know at least these sections throughout your template DO. 

    Here is an example of what your EBC will look like when you go to put in your copy and images:

    new EBC guidelines

    As depicted above, you are limited to 100 characters in each image keyword box, so be selective in what you put. 


    The new modules introduced by Amazon allow for more pictures, graphics, and content which gives the seller more room to advertise. This also gives the customer more content to make an informed decision. 

    However, with all of these changes, inputting your information can feel a bit daunting, so we at Markethustl created the following guide to try and reduce some of the confusion and anxiety. 


    ✓ Every text box has a maximum character count of 500, except for the Brand Story which goes where the Product Description used to, prior to the new EBC guidelines. The Brand Story section offers 6000 characters. 

    ✓ The text headers allow between 80-100 characters, depending on which module and section you are using

    ✓ The image keyword section allows 100 characters. Because these words index, be very selective in what you put in this section 

    ✓ For specific guidelines regarding content, restrictions, image size, etc. click here


    Keep in mind that some of these modules will look exactly the same as the ones offered in the old templates while other ones will be different. The new EBC modules offer more images, different banner sizes, and unique text placement compared to the old templates. Here are the modules you will now be offered in EBC:

    EBC: Feature 1 /  A+ : Standard 4 Images and Text

    EBC standard four images

    Image Size: 220 x 220 pixels

    EBC: Feature 2 / A+: Standard 3 Images and Text

    ebc standard 3 images

    Image Size: 300 x 300 pixels

    EBC: Feature 3 / A+: Standard 4 Image Quadrant

    ebc four image grid

    Image Size: 135 x 135 pixels 

    EBC: Header 4 / A+: Standard Left Image and Text

    Standard Image Left

    Image Size: 300 x 300 pixels

    EBC: Header 5 / A+: Standard Right Image and Text

    Standard Image Right

    Image Size: 300 x 300 pixels 

    EBC: Header 6 (BANNER) / A+: Standard Image and Dark Text Overlay 

    Banner and Dark Text Overlay

    Image Size: 970 x 300 pixels

    EBC/A+: Comparison Chart

    new ebc guidelines

    Image Size: 150 x 300 pixels

    EBC/A+: Single Image and Sidebar (Allows 2 Images)

    new ebc guidelines

    Image Sizes: Main – 300 x 400 pixels, Sidebar – 350 x 175 pixels

    EBC/A+: Four Image Highlight 

    new EBC guidelines

    Image Size: 300 x 300 pixels 

    EBC/A+: Single Image and Specs Detail

    Specs Detail

    EBC/A+: Single Image and Highlights 

    EBC highlights

    EBC/A+: Image & Light Text Overlay (BANNER)

    Banner with light text overlay


    What This Means For The Future Of Amazon Sellers and Buyers 

    These new EBC guidelines and updates allow brand registered sellers to helm their listings better which, in turn, makes for a more pleasurable buying experience for customers. Now, surfing the pages of Amazon feels more like perusing the pages of a catalog. As sellers, EBC provides the opportunity to develop a brand story and give the viewer more information regarding their products. As buyers, EBC offers the ability for you to make an informed and confident purchasing decision. It’s a win-win for everyone. 


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