• Amazon Spark: Introducing The Newest Social Media Experience


    Up until now, Amazon has been strictly an e-commerce platform, designed for third-party sellers and vendors to barter their inventory to online shoppers.

    Now, with the introduction of Amazon Spark, what used to be just a marketplace will now have a social media presence.

    Amazon is about to roll out a new feature called Spark, which is a social networking program specifically targeting shoppers. It will be an app, available to Prime Members only.

    People can set up profiles, connect with other users, post photos of products that they already bought or that interest them, and even tag other users in products images. Members can promote products and share insights, reviews, and links. 

    On Amazon Spark, if you see a photo of a product someone posted, you can click on it and buy the product right then and there – a feature similar to Pinterest where images are linked to purchasing options.

    More interestingly, users can run comparison polls between two Amazon products so there is a constant feedback loop regarding prospective purchases. This interaction substantiates reviews and gives buyers more of an idea on how good a particular item is.

    Don’t want to leave a comment or review? Simply click the “smiley” face which is comparable to the “like” symbol on Facebook.

    Amazon Spark

    How Does Amazon Spark Affect Me As A Consumer?

    What makes Spark so brilliant is that it really puts the buyer at the helm of their shopping experience. Members have much more access to information regarding a product so they can make more informed purchasing decisions. 

    Furthermore, this new social network could introduce you to new products on the market you wouldn’t ordinarily know about. When a person goes on Amazon to purchase something, it’s usual with a specific product in mind. With Amazon Spark, fellow users might suggest cool new gadgets you may not have even known existed. Amazon Spark

    It’s important to note that, thus far, this platform is only available to Prime Members. Regular shoppers can peruse the app, looking for suggestions, but they can’t interact. 

    How Does Amazon Affect Me As A Seller?

    So far, it probably won’t have much of an effect on your business unless people start recommending your product and discussing it. You cannot operate the social network from a seller’s account, so you have no way of influencing what people are saying about your product.

    Potentially, Amazon Spark could become effective and free advertising for your brand. If a few people can create enough buzz in the community about your item, then it could potentially really influence a drive in sells. 

    It could also have the opposite effect if your product is seen as subpar. 

    Really, this network would be similar to people leaving reviews, only those reviews would involve more interaction between potential buyers. This could be super helpful or super hurtful, depending on your brand.

    While brands aren’t allowed to have profiles (at least not as of yet), they are allowed to solicit what Amazon calls “influencers.” Essentially, they are people that stand by your brand and are willing to help sponsor you. 

    Another exciting thing for sellers is that Amazon Spark will probably use it’s platform to sell advertisement space. So, it could potential offer a new way for you to sell your brand.

    The Takeaway

    Amazon Spark is still very new so there isn’t a whole lot we know about it. However, we at Markethustl are excited to see the potential is has to help establish our client’s brands and products. 

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