• Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program: What Sellers Need To Know

    Anyone who has ever sold products on Amazon knows just how integral and valuable customer reviews are to the success of a business, which is why the Early Reviewer Program that Amazon has just introduced is enticing for new sellers.

    The Early Reviewer Program incentivizes real Amazon customers to leave authentic reviews for new products.

    Since Amazon has become proactive in recent years at dissuading and banning fake or bought reviews, it has become increasingly harder for sellers launching new products on Amazon to secure the reviews they need to establish their value and clientele. With the Early Reviewer Program, third-party sellers may have a better shot at acquiring those coveted reviews.

    In exchange, buyers are rewarded for sharing their opinion, so it’s a win-win for merchants AND customers.

    A Few Things To Know Before Enrolling In the Early Reviewer Program…

    This initiative is only available to U.S. brand-registered sellers. If you own the trademark and rights to your brand – and you haven’t applied for Brand Registry – you need to do that first. 

    In order for you to be eligible for this program, your listing must have less than five verifiable reviews and your product must be over $15.00

    Each SKU you enter into the program will cost you $60. Each SKU will be enlisted in the Early Reviewer Program for up to a year OR until that product has received five reviews. 

    You cannot influence, change, or delete the content or star rating of reviews. So long as each review is verified and doesn’t go against any community policies, Amazon will not nullify it. 

    Reviewers, randomly selected by Amazon from a list of customers who have already purchased products in the program, are rewarded with a small reward (like a gift card) upon submission of their review. The reward is a token of appreciation. 

    Any reviews solicited via the Early Reviewer are indicated via an orange badge that reads “Early Reviewer Rewards.”

    Steps to Take to Enroll Your Product in the Early Reviewer Program:

    Enroll in Brand Registry

    To be eligible, your company  must be brand registered. You can start this process by clicking here.


    Once you’ve been Brand Registered, you can access The Early Reviewer Program portal, found under Advertising in Seller Central. To submit products for enrollment, you will be prompted to load your SKUs into the template that Amazon provides. You may submit up to 100 SKUs at a time.

    *Keep in mind, you cannot enroll variations or child SKUs of a parent SKU.


    Once you’ve completed filling out the template, you will submit it into the Early Reviewer Program. As mentioned above, each parent SKU or stand-alone SKU will cost $60 (plus taxes) upon the first review obtained. Once you’ve been accepted into the program, SKUs cannot be retracted. Amazon will stop soliciting reviews when 5 reviews are collected through the program OR after one year.


    You may view the status of each SKU in the Submission History & Product Enrollment Details section, found in your Seller Central account. within the portal.

    What This Means For You

    As with most things in e-commerce, there is no guarantee of success. Reviews are undeniably important, but they certainly aren’t the only crucial element in the equation. How many monthly sales you make, how persuasive your sales copy is, and how great your images and EBC are collectively contribute to the overall success of your brand.

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