• How Does Amazon Establish What Products Receive The Amazon Choice Badge?



    There are a number of ways to get your product noticed on Amazon. Being able to entice potential viewers is the name of the game and if you aren’t using your best players, you will inevitably lose to your opponents. The Amazon Choice badge is one of the most effective tools in achieving success on this platform.

    While there are multiple ways to achieve success on Amazon, the methods usually fall into two categories: organic sales or sales through incentivized strategies. 

    Organic Sales

    In the world of e-commerce, the term “organic sales” signifies profits earned naturally and without enticing, customer deals. If your product is doing well organically, factors for this may include:

    √  Having a quality product

    √  Quality sales copy and images 

    √  Having a highly-coveted or popular item

    √  Having really good reviews/feedback or having people recommend your product to others

    √  Being on the first few pages of Amazon

    √  Having a competitive price range for the niché you’re in

    Incentivized Sales

    These are methods you can employ to make your product more desirable to customers. Incentivized sales almost always result in the seller losing money for a small period of time, whether it’s from investing more money or offering discounts. Here are some examples of incentivized sales on Amazon:

    √  Running a Discounted Ranking Campaign  

    √  Running Pay-Per-Click

    √  Offering Coupons 

    √  Sponsored Ads

    √  Lowering the Price Point for a Designated Period

    Generally speaking, a new listing on Amazon almost always requires you to run some sort of discount or campaign to establish recognition, sales, and coveted real estate on Amazon. Once these things have been established, organic sales will follow (provided you did everything else correctly). 

    But there is one badge you can receive from Amazon that is highly influential and falls somewhere between the two marketing strategies. That is the “Amazon’s Choice” award and it is probably the highest form of effective marketing that you can achieve without paying directly for it. 

    What Is The “Amazon’s Choice” Badge?

    You’ve probably come across quite of few of these badges in your search for products on Amazon, but if you have never noticed, this is what the Amazon Choice badge looks like:

    Amazon Choice Badge

    This badge of honor automatically places you in a higher tier from your competitors because buyers trust in Amazon’s recommendations. Unlike being sponsored by Amazon, this category isn’t bought; it is earned. That means customers trust that the product they are buying is up to Amazon standards. 

    Par for the course, Amazon hasn’t been very forthcoming about the guidelines set forth for products to earn this endorsement. Up until recently, products that had earned the Amazon Choice Badge simply had the symbol adorned on their listing with no criteria specified as to how they achieved it. Now, Amazon is providing a little more insight into how certain products can earn the label.

    Uncovering the Mystery Behind The Amazon Choice Badge

    Now, viewers can see on “Amazon Choice” listings the reasons that particular item was awarded the title.  On the website, these reasons are listed directly under the Amazon Choice logo, as shown below:

    Amazon Choice Badge


    If you are viewing it from the app on your phone, the list can be found underneath the section “Why We Love This Amazon’s Choice Product”:

    Amazon Choice Badge


    Generally speaking, it appears as though Amazon selects certain items to highlight based on the following criteria:  

    √  Low Return Rate

    √  High Star Rating (Usually 4- or 5-star)

    √  Very High Search Volume

    As this recent story by  CNET  reiterates, an “Amazon’s Choice” designation can’t be purchased by a seller and the owners of chosen products aren’t informed as to why their products earned the title. According to CNET, Amazon employees don’t test the products prior nor do they take into account reviews from third-party sites.

    That’s pretty useful information when making an informed decision on what products to trust. It also makes it clear that the Amazon Choice designation isn’t something that can be bought; its value is determined by specific metrics set forth by Amazon. 

    The reason for doing this helps establish both credibility and trust with its customers, which ultimately are the cornerstones of a successful business model. In other words, if Amazon is willing to endorse a brand, you can be confident you’re purchasing a legit product. 

    Of course, there may be other factors Amazon considers that aren’t transparent to the population. Seeing as it controls every aspect of the buying process, there is always the possibility that Amazon favors certain brands or products for a variety of reasons including personal investment. 

    But the fact that they are now providing explanations as to how a product received their endorsement is a good sign. It means that customers now can make a more informed decision upon purchase.  

    Regarding how sellers can earn that desirable stamp of approval has yet to be determined. As of now, it appears that a company can only make that list if they are an established brand that provides a great service and it would appear that this can only be achieved organically. 


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